The Pinterest 100

When Pinners are looking for new ideas, they come to Pinterest first. It’s where they get inspiration, dream about new possibilities and plan for what matters most. Every time someone searches on Pinterest, they’re thinking about what they want to try next.

Multiply that behavior by the more than 320 million people using Pinterest all over the world, and you get unique insight into emerging trends. The Pinterest 100 is our annual report showing what’s next, with ideas across categories including food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family. This year, we organized the trends into ten themes that show broader cultural shifts and changes in consumer behavior.

2020 is the first year these trends came to live through a digital experience. In the past P100 has been a print magazine with its main focus on a business audience, this year the challenge was to switch gears to a more Pinner focus experience but still have digestible content for businesses.

The Brand

The beauty of Pinterest is its freedom. The process of finding and collecting things is part of that creative journey, to inspire our pinners to shape their future projects and future selves.

We followed three design principles to create this look and feel throughout the experience:

  1. Playfully handcrafted
  2. Outwardly expressive
  3. Purposefully curious

We wanted to design an imperfect, playful, handcrafted world in which to explore the top 10 biggest trends on Pinterest 100. We collaborated with talented collage artist Adam Hale. I had the opportunity to work closely with him and art direct the different collage clusters that represent the top 10 themes of 2020.

The Brand

These collages represent the 10 themes which were an entry point to the microtrend pages.

The Landing Page

When designing the landing page we wanted to convey the feeling of an explorative playground of ideas and have delightful moments of discovering more things about a theme on a hover state. The themes are also constantly changing order every time you land on the page so a user sees a fresh perspective of the themes with each viewing.

The Macrotrends

Once the user selects a theme they are grounded with a full hero collage and an overview of the theme, with the option to read more. After that the top ten searches from that selected theme will be shown on scroll.

The Macrotrends

We wanted to make sure the themes have a very editorial look and feel so they can convey that these Pinterest searches are actually happening in the real world and are relatable to the user. Pinterest 100 was launched globally so the design needed to be flexible to be translated into 8 different languages.

The Designs

We had an incredibly tight deadline to build this microsite with only two months to design, concept and implement. We decided strategically to design a modular system so it could be implemented by the engineers within the timeframe as well as easily managed and updated with new content in the future.

Business Audience

We were conscious that our business audience might want to check out the trends, so we made sure a business tip was included at the bottom of each theme. For the pinners, we included an opportunity to check out the P100 boards and find more inspiration on Pinterest.

Business Hub

We were fully aware that some businesses might not want to go through all the microtrends back and forward so as an alternative we designed a Business Hub. Where businesses can check out the summary of the different themes and micro-trends of 2020 as well as the option to filter by their desired vertical and download a pdf of all of them.

Marketing lead XFN partner: Talia Parnass
Producer: Diana Fischman
Design Director: Byron Par
Design Lead: Belen Tenorio
Engineering Implementation: Instrument