How To's

I was asked by our marketing cross-functional team to make Pinterest inspiring and easy to use for new small businesses or SMB’s. The format proposed was 3 videos for multiple social media platforms about three main valuable actons for a business:

  1. How to get started on Pinterest
  2. How to create a pin
  3. How to advertise a pin

The Concept

Pinterest is a visual place where, as a business, you are able to inspire your future consumers with your products. I saw the opportunity to collaborate with real businesses to legitimize the ads, combining their products with the platform UI to break down the Pinterest business actions into easy-to-follow steps.

The Art Direction

I was in charge of coming up with the vision as well as the art direction. My approach was inspired around the juxtaposition of the imperfect, creative work-in-progress with a more refined aesthetic. The vision included referencing tools that are part of the creative process like scissors, masking tape, plastic bags etc.

The Process

I was able to pitch to our XFN partners the value of producing still images ourselves vs using stock photography (which was the go-to process for the team). As part of this process I was able to share my vision and collaborate with a talented photographer Daniel Villareal who we enlisted to photograph these still images.

Design Director: Andreas Helin
Design Lead and Art Director: Belen Tenorio
Designer: Jackeline Northeim
Producer: Diana Fischman
Photographer: Daniel Villareal
Videographer/animator: Justin Caslon